How to Share

Donating is easy with $hare! Here’s a quick How-to guide.

How to use $hare to make  Donations


1. Get share here, and set up your preferred payment option.

2. Scan the nonprofit QR code using your phone, or enter the 6 digit $HARECODE into the app.

3. You will be taken to our partner website. Choose a denomination or enter a custom amount.

That’s it! Thanks for $haring!

How to use $hare to accept  Donations

1. Get share here.

2. Register and validate your data here.

3. You will receive a unique QR Code and “$HARECODE.” The code is a 6 digit code which you can print on any of your marketing materials (ads, signs, posters, etc.) as well as include within any of your electronic marketing materials.

4. You can place your $HARECODE on your Facebook page and encourage your followers to donate. You can tweet out your code and not only can your followers donate but they can also retweet to encourage more donations.

That’s it! Thanks for $haring!