The mobile way to do the right thing.

Today 12% of us almost never carry cash and more than 50% of us carry far less cash than we did even three years ago.

Introducing $hare, a mobile app designed to let you donate quickly, easily and electronically.

Why $hare?

Have you ever walked past a donation table with your head down, because you don’t carry enough cash on hand to donate?

Are you a nonprofit, looking for ways to make the donations process easier and more spontaneous?

$hare=More Donations

Why Donors like $HARE

• They can make impromptu donations
• Fast and easy to use
• Avoid ATM fees

Why Nonprofits like $hare

• More donations from people who don’t carry cash
• No setup fees
• Easy to use


How does it work?

Once you register and your data is validated, you will receive a unique QR Code and “$HARECODE.” The code is a 6 digit code which you can print on any of your marketing materials (ads, signs, posters, etc.) as well as include within any of your electronic marketing materials.

You can place your $HARECODE on your Facebook page and encourage your followers to donate. You can tweet out your code and not only can your followers donate but they can also retweet to encourage more donations.

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